Footpath 40 Update

Work starts on the Spott Glen Boardwalk as part of the Core Footpath 40 renovation. A big thanks to Drew Ramsay and his team!!

Linking Spott to Wester Broomhouse, footpath 40 completes a circular walk from Spott via Path 39 and 38.

Path 40 starts by the village hall and follows down past St John’s Well, through the double gates into Spott Glen.

Path 38 starts at the buss shelter and leads to Plesance Farm

Path 39 runs from Plesance Farm to Wester Broomhouse.

Please keep your dog on a lead when crossing the field by the village hall so as not to worry the sheep! For those walking through Wester Broomhouse and Pleasance Farm, please keep you dog under control as there are children about and the path passes through a play area at Wester Broomhouse Cottages.

Please note that the path is not completed between the new bridge in Spott Glen and Wester Broomhouse. This will be the next phase with completion expected on October 2023!